Work on MAC-OSX without using mouse or Touchpad

If you have Universal Access, use these keyboard shortcuts to manipulate your cursor in lieu of using your mouse. To set this up, go to your Universal Access preferences and activate Mouse Keys.
8 — Move Up
2 — Move Down
4 — Move Left
6 — Move Right
1 — Move Diagonally Bottom Left
3 — Move Diagonally Bottom Right
7 — Move Diagonally Top Left
9 — Move Diagonally Top Right
5 — Press Mouse Button
0 — Hold Mouse Button
. (period on number pad) — Release Hold Mouse Button

Use these keyboard shortcuts to initiate processes during Startup.
Option — Display all bootable volumes (Startup Manager)
Shift — Perform Safe Boot (start up in Safe Mode)
C — Start from a bootable disc (DVD, CD)
T — Start in FireWire target disk mode
N — Start from NetBoot server
X — Force Mac OS X startup (if non+Mac OS X startup volumes are present)
Command+V — Start in Verbose Mode
Command+S — Start in Single User Mode