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iOS Crash Reporting Tools

Mobile app crash reporting tools have evolved to become more developer-friendly over time. We’ve seen them become easier to integrate and offer new features. There are a lot of options…


Top 10 Apps To Record Your Baby’s Voice

Top 10 Apps To Record Your Baby’s Milestones & Achievements Moment Garden Moment Garden is a simple-to-use baby journal with a nice minimal interface and a beatuiful timeline view. One…


Notable Test Automation Tools

Tool name Produced by Latest version AutoIt Jonathan Bennett & AutoIt Team Cucumber Open Source 1.0.2 eggPlant TestPlant 2012 EiffelStudio AutoTest Eiffel Software 7.1, Jun 2012 FitNesse Open Source…

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List of Forum Softwares

A Forum is an online community place or an Internet message board or a medium where ideas or views on a particular issue can be exchanged. Now a days Forums…


List of Useful Backup Tools in Linux

It’s no fun losing weeks or months of your work due to a technical glitch or a corrupted storage device. Just ask anyone who has ever accidentally spilled coffee onto…