Why my Android emulator is very slow

Try Android x86. It’s much faster than the Google Android emulator. Follow these steps:

1-Install VirtualBox.
2-Download the ISO file that you need.
3-Create a virtual machine as Linux 2.6/Other Linux, 512 Mb RAM, HD 2 GB. Network: PCnet-Fast III, attached to NAT. You can also use a bridged adapter, but you need a DHCP server in your environment.
4-Install Android x86 on the emulator, run it.
5-Press Alt+F1, type netcfg, remember the IP address, press Alt+F7.
6-Run cmd on your Windows XP system, change the directory to your Android tools directory, type adb connect <virtual_machine_IP>.
7-Start Eclipse, open the ADT plugin, find the device, and enjoy!