Work with your browser without using mouse

Use browser shortcuts.
Control+I — Open Favorites
Control+H — Open History
Control+N — Open a new window
Control+O — Open another document or webpage
Press Alt + letter underlined on toolbar — Open toolbar option (ex. Alt+T opens Tools, Alt+H opens Help)
Control+E — Go to search box
Alt+F – Find on page
Control+T — Open new tab
Control+1,2,3,… — Switch to 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. tab
Alt+D — Select the text in the address bar
Control+Enter — Add www. and .com to the text in the address bar (Internet Explorer)
F4 – Open list of websites you’ve typed (Internet Explorer)
Tab — Move forward through items on a webpage
Shift+Tab — Move backward through items on a webpage
Alt+Home — Go to your homepage on Internet Explorer
Shift+F10 — Open a shortcut menu for an Internet link
Control+Tab — Move forward between tabs
Control+Shift+Tab — Move backward between tabs