Some facts about Mobile Operating System !!!

  1. From 1979-1999 all mobile working with the help of embeded system.
  2. In the year of 1993, first smartphone os is released with the name called IBM siemen.
  3. In the year of 1996, Microsoft released Windows CE OS for mobiles.
  4. In the year of 1999, Nokia introduced S40 OS for their own products.
  5. In the year of 2000, symbian OS is introduced in the market with 2G technology.
  6. In the year of 2001, enhachment of palm OS is introduced.
  7. In the year of 2002, BlackBerry introduced their own OS.
  8. In the year of 2005, Nokia realesed “Maemo OS”.
  9. In the year of 2007, Apple corporation release their own os called iOS with 3G features.
  10. In the year of 2008, google introduced Android OS.
  11. In the year of 2009, Samsung introduced BADA OS.
  12. In the year of 2010, Microsoft Introduced windows OS for windows mobile.
  13. In the year of 2012, Mozila corporation introduced firefox OS for Mobile.
  14. In the year of 2013, BlackBerry released RIM(Research In Motion) OS.
  15. Common Operating system for Mobile. 1)Android from google, It’s a free and open source. 2)BADA from samsung its a own OS for Samsung Mobile. It’s a close source. 2)Symbain from Nokia, it’s an open licensed source. 4)Windows phone from Microsoft, it’s a closed source. 5)BlackBerry from QNX software, it’s a closed source. 6)Brew from Qualcomm, it’s a closed source. 7)Windows 8 from Microsoft, closed Source.