IOS, Objective-c

Fundamentals of Objective-C !!!

  • Objective-C is a general purpose high level Object Oriented programming language.
  • Objective-C programming language designed by using C and Smalltalk-80 programming language.
  • Objective-C programming language follows smalltalk message passing style(syntax) along with ‘C’ programming concept.
  • Objective-C is a main Programming language used by Apple for the OS-X & iOS operating System.
  • In 1970’s Dennis Ritchie sir was developed C Programming language but, this language is not popular until Unix-OS is not released.
  • In 1980’s Brad J.Cox designed Objective-C language based on Smalltalk 80 and C language.
  • In the year of 1988 objective c language developed its library & development environment called NEXTSTEP by NeXT software.
  • In 1992, objective c language became open source.
  • In 1994, Next Computer and Sun Microsystem released a standardized specification of the NextStep system called OPENSTEP.
  • Free software Foundation implementation of OPENSTEP is called GNUSTEP.