List of Shortcut Keys in Microsoft Excel

Tab Moves one cell to the right in Microsoft excel worksheet.
SHIFT+TAB Moves to the previous cell in a worksheet.
CTRL+TAB Switches to the next tab in dialog box.
CTRL+SHIFT+TAB Switches to the previous tab in a dialog box.
CTRL+1 Displays Format Cells dialog box.
CTRL+SHIFT+L Use for filtering the column. E.g. If you have to set a couple of filters, you don’t have to revert back to full data, to clear each filter which is time taking. So just turn-off and turn-on the filters, by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+L twice and your work is done.
CTRL+Arrow keys To select a group of cells. E.g. It is really tough when it comes to dealing with large data and using mouse for navigate database. So to make your work easier just rely on CTRL+arrow key combinations all the time to select a group of cells.
ALT+ES – Paste Special > Values Pasting the value.E.g. When we apply any formula and want only value, we need to use copy and then paste special value. Often to get data from other workbooks or formatting of existing tables, we can use ALT+ES (press E then leave the key and press S) to paste special value.
F4 Repeat last command or action. E.g. If the color of text in a particular cell is changed you can repeat the command by just pressing F4.
F2 Edit a selected cell.
Ctrl + F3 Add name for any range. E.g. If you are making a dashboard or Excel model. Just press shift F3, no matter where you are (formula editing, conditional formatting, data validation etc.) and you get a list of all the defined names. Pick one and press ok to add it to the formula you are typing.
CTRL+K Add Hyperlink. E.g. If you have more than a couple of sheets Hyperlinks make your work book accessible and saves your time.
CTRL+T – Insert Table. E.g. If you have selected any cell in a range of related data just press CTRL+T to make it a table.
CTRL+S – Save the sheet.
Ctrl + R Fills the range on right
Ctrl + D Fills range down word
Ctrl+W Close a particular work book
F9 Refresh the sheets formula
Ctrl+PageDown/PageUp Navigate sheets within workbook
Ctrl+shift+1 Applies the Number format for two decimal places, thousands separator, and minus sign (-) for negative values.
Alt F11 Open VBA editor
Ctrl F6 Switches to the next workbook window.
Ctrl ~ Change the cell value as general
Ctrl + spacebar Select column
Shift + spacebar Selecting row
Ctrl + Shift + spacebar Select entire sheet
ALT + =

Auto sum for a column. E.g. When you have entered some data on a column and at the end of column you want the summation of the column you can simply use ALT + = to save your time.
Ctrl + B Applies and removes bold format.
F5 Goes to the specific cell which you want to select.Applies the online border of the cell.