How to Fix iOS Wi-Fi Problems

iOS 8.3 comes with a number of fixes for Wi-Fi problems but we’ve still seen some complaints about broken Wi-Fi connectivity.

There are no guaranteed fixes for Wi-Fi issues though there are some things that iOS 8.3 users can try should connectivity start going south. These fixes have been passed down from Apple’s IOS updates and they’ve worked for many iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users dealing with connectivity problems.

First, iPhone and iPad users can try resetting the device’s network settings. This is an extremely easy process though it could take a couple of minutes to complete. Those experiencing Wi-Fi issues will want to set aside some time to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible. To do this, open up the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and head to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

Users will need the passcode and a few minutes of time because the phone or tablet is going to reboot itself after the process completes. Users will also want to track down commonly used Wi-Fi passwords because this process is going to erase stored Wi-Fi passwords.

If that fix doesn’t work, take a look at some of these other potential Wi-Fi fixes. We also recommend rebooting your router and or modem to see if that dislodges the problem. It’s also worth updating the router’s firmware. This process is going to differ based on make and model so users will need to find the manual or consult the appropriate company’s website.