What are the SQLite standerd return codes.

SQLITE_OK Operation successful

SQLITE_ERROR Generic error

SQLITE_INTERNAL Internal SQLite library error

SQLITE_PERM Access permission denied

SQLITE_ABORT User code or SQL requested an abort

SQLITE_BUSY A database file is locked (usually recoverable)

SQLITE_LOCKED A table is locked

SQLITE_NOMEM Memory allocation failed

SQLITE_READONLY Attempted to write to a read-only database

SQLITE_INTERRUPT sqlite3_interrupt() was called

SQLITE_IOERR Some type of I/O error

SQLITE_CORRUPT Database file is malformed

SQLITE_FULL Database is full

SQLITE_CANTOPEN Unable to open requested database file

SQLITE_EMPTY Database file is empty

SQLITE_SCHEMA Database schema has changed

SQLITE_TOOBIG TEXT or BLOB exceeds limit

SQLITE_CONSTRAINT Abort due to constraint violation

SQLITE_MISMATCH Datatype mismatch

SQLITE_MISUSE API used incorrectly

SQLITE_NOLFS Host OS cannot provide required functionality

SQLITE_AUTH Authorization denied

SQLITE_FORMAT Auxiliary database format error

SQLITE_RANGE Bad bind parameter index

SQLITE_NOTADB File is not a database