What is Save-Points in SQLite !!!

SQLite also support save-point.
Savepoints allow you to mark specific points in the transaction. You can then accept or rollback to individual save-points without having to commit or rollback an entire transaction. Unlike transactions, you can have more than one save-point active at the same time.

Save-points are sometime called nested transaction.

You can create a save-point with the SAVEPOINT command.

Command : SAVEPOINT savepoint_name

Save-points act as a stack. Whenever you create a new one, it is put at the top of the stack. Save-point identifiers do not need to be unique. If the same save-point identifier is used more than once, the one nearest to the top of the stack is used.

To release a save-point and accept all of the proposed changes made since the savepoint was set, use the

RELEASE command:

RELEASE [SAVEPOINT] savepoint_name

To cancel a set of commands and undo everything back to where a save-point was set, use the ROLLBACK TO command: