What is SQLite.?

SQLite is a public-domain software package that provides RDBMS(Relational Database Management System)

Relational database systems are used to store user-defined records in large tables.

Features of SQLite.

SQLite is a serverless does not require a separate server process or system to operate.The SQLite library accesses its storage files directly.

Zero Configuration
No server means no setup. Creating an SQLite database instance is as easy as opening a file.

The entire database instance resides in a single cross-platform file, requiring no administration.

A single library contains the entire database system, which integrates directly into a host application.

Small Runtime Footprint
The default build is less than a megabyte of code and requires only a few megabytes of memory. With some adjustments, both the library size and memory use can be significantly reduced.

SQLite transactions are fully ACID-compliant, allowing safe access from multiple processes or threads.

Highly Reliable
The SQLite development team takes code testing and verification very seriously.

SQLite package the entire database into a single file.That single file contains the database layout as well as the actual data held in all the different tables and indexes and this file format is cross-platfrom and can be accessed on any machine, regardless of native order or word size.

All SQLite source written in C.

SQLite database files support the UTF-8, UTF-16LE and UTF16BE encoding.