Basic AS/400 command abbreviations

Basic AS/400 command abbreviations

Command Abbreviations–Verbs

ADD – Add
CFG – Configure
CHG – Change
CPY – Copy
CRT – Create
DLT – Delete
DSP – Display
GO – Go to a Menu
RMV – Remove
STR – Start
WRK – Work with
Command Abbreviations–Nouns

DEV – Device
DEVD – Device Description
F – Files
FLR – Folder
LIB – Library
OUTQ – Output Queue
MSG – Message
SPLF – Spool File
WTR – Writer (Printer)


DSPMSG ——Displays messages in queue
DSPMSGD  ——Displays description of messages, ie CPF messages
WRKMSGF QCPFMSG  ——Displays contents of MONMSG file
WRKUSRPRF –  ——Can work with specified user’s profile
WRKSBMJOB *JOB  ——Displays my jobs for the current session
WRKACTJOB  ——Displays all active jobs
WRKUSRJOB  ——Displays list of my jobs to work with
WRKOBJ Work with an object.  ——Use *ALLUSR in qualified name to skip Q libraries
WRKSPLF  ——Displays spool files
WRKOUTQ  ——Displays members in specified OUTQ
DISPLIB  ——Displays contents of specified library
EDTLIBL  ——Allows addition and deletion of libraries to and from list
ADDLIBLE  ——Library Name Add library to current list
STRDBG  ——Start Debug
ADDBKP  ——Add a break point and variables to monitor in debug
RMVBKP  ——Remove a break point in debug
ENDDBG —— End Debug
STRDBU  ——Start DBU (Database Utility) Look at and make changes to the database
DBU —— Qualified Name Runs DBU without the above command. ADDLIBLE DBU41 *LAST before using
STRDFU  ——Start DFU (Data File Utility) Many of the same functions of DBU
DSPFFD  ——Displays file field descriptions
DSPFD  ——Displays file description for specified file
DSPPFM  ——Displays member of a physical file
DSPDBF  ——Displays contents of database file.
Must add TAATOOL to  ——library list before using this command
DSPPGMREF  ——Display the files used in a program and which libraries the program was compiled over
PRTRNG  ——Will allow printing a range of pages from a member in the specified OUTQ.
Must add PRTRNG to library list before using this command
OUTQ(PRINTER) Mark object in spool file with 2 for change. Type this on the command line.
WRKJOBSCDE Look at scheduled jobs
RUNQRY QRYFILE(LIB/FILE) Run query on a file with no parameters
DSPDBR LIB/FILE Shows logicals related to a physical file