Android 9.0 Pie (API 28)

Version 9.0
Release date: August 6, 2018


  • New user interface for the quick settings menu
  • The clock has moved to the left of the notification bar.
  • The “dock” now has a semi-transparent background.
  • Battery saver no longer shows an orange overlay on the notification and status bars.
  • A “screenshot” button has been added to the power options.
  • A new “Lockdown” mode which disables biometric authentication once activated
  • Rounded corners across the UI
  • New transitions for switching between apps, or activities within apps
  • Richer messaging notifications, where a full conversation can be had within a notification, full scale images, and smart replies akin to Google’s new app, Reply
  • Support for display cutouts
  • Redesigned volume slider
  • Battery percentage now shown in Always-On Display
  • Lock screen security changes include the possible return of an improved NFC Unlock.
  • Experimental features (which are currently hidden within a menu called Feature Flags) such as a redesigned About Phone
  • page in settings, and automatic Bluetooth enabling while driving
  • DNS over TLS
  • A new gesture-based system interface, navigating the OS just like on an iPhone X, removed home button and multitask button
  • Redesigned multitask app switcher with Google search bar and app drawer built in.
  • Android Dashboard, for example, is designed to tell you how much time you’re spending on your device and in apps in the name of digital health
  • “Shush” a new Do Not Disturb mode placing the phone face down will mute notifications, will allow emergencies to come through.
  • Adaptive Battery feature that maximizes battery power by prioritizing the apps you’re most likely to use next.
  • Auto Brightness feature modifies screen brightness based on your own personal preferences.
  • Wind Down option lets Android users set a specific bed time that enables Do Not Disturb and turns the entire phone’s
  • interface gray to discourage further use at night.
  • Vulkan 1.1 Support