How to Restore iPhone or iPad

How to Restore iPhone or iPad

Although restoring iPad to factory settings may not sound ideal as it essentially wipes your iPad of any data and personal settings you have gathered over the years, it is occasionally necessary when your iPad is stuck in a terrible situation.

The Difference between Reset and Restore
When you reset iphone/ipad, it only deletes data and personal data off of your device. This can be done directly on the iPad itself through the Settings app, and does not require that your iPad be connected to iTunes to complete.

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On the other hand, restoring an idevice to its original factory settings is a simple process that requires more than your iPad. Once the process is completed, it wipes off everything from your iPad – settings, the OS, apps, and even the firmware itself. If you would like your iPad to be as close to the way it was when you first purchased it, then you want to restore it.

Restore on Your Device
When your iPhone or iPad powers back on, you should see the Hello screen that prompts you to set up your device. After you select to set up your phone manually and connect to your Wi-Fi network, follow the onscreen steps until you reach the Apps & Data step. From here:

Select Restore from iCloud Backup.

  • Sign into your iCloud account using the Apple ID you used to create the backup.
  • Choose the most recent backup and follow the onscreen instructions for choices related to Location Services, Siri, App Analytics, and other settings. You may also be asked to enter your old passcode.
  • You can view a progress bar as the backup restores, which will also show you the time remaining for the restoration to complete.
  • Once complete, your phone will restart. If there’s an iOS update available, your phone will automatically update.
  • After the update completes, and your phone restarts again, your data will begin to reappear and your apps will reinstall.

Restore Using iTunes
If you’ve created your backup using iTunes, you can also restore your backup by hooking up your iPhone or iPad to the computer you used.

Open iTunes on your computer, and plug your iPad or iPhone in. You should see a screen prompting you to restore your iOS device with a dropdown of backups to choose from.

Restore iPhone from iTunes

Select the most recent backup and click Continue. The restore will begin, and you can view how long it will take in a progress bar in iTunes.

Once the restore is complete, your device will restart. You’ll need to manually connect to your Wi-Fi network and log into with your Apple ID to start using your phone again.

Your iPhone, Restored
That’s all it takes to factory reset your iPhone or iPad. It’s not difficult, and as long as you’ve backed up, you can restore everything with relative ease.