iphone Interview Questions part-8

71-What is retaining?

It is reference count for an object.

72- What is webservice?

To get data in form of xml ,by using this we can get data from a server.

73-What is parsing?

To get data from web service we use parsing.

74-which xml parser we use on iphone?

“NSXML” Parser.

75-Which type of parse does iphone support?

“SAX” parser.

76-.Name those classes used to establish connection b/w application to webserver?


77-Tell the difference between DOM and SAX Parser?

(a)Dom is “documents based parser”.
b)SAX is a event driven parser

78-Name three method of NSXML parser.

(1)did start element (2)did end element (3)found character.

79-Tell methods used in NSURLConnection

(1)Connection did receive Response
(2)Connection did recevice Datat
(3)Connection fail with error
(4)Connection did finish loading.

80-.What is json-parser?

JSON(Java script object notation)is a parser used to get data from web Server.

81-.By default which things are in the application?

iPhone applications by default have 3 things
1.main: entry point of application.
2.Appdelegate: perform basic application and functionality.
3.Window: provide uiinterface.

82-Tell me about tab bar controller?

It is used to display the data on the view.

83-Which are the protocols used in table view?

Table view contain two delegate protocols
(1) Uitable view data source
(2).Uitable view delegate.
ui view table view data source three method namely
(1)No of sections.
(2)No of rows in sections.
(3)Cell for row index path row.
In ui table view delegate contain
(1)Did select row at index path row

84-Name data base used in iphone?

(1)Sql lite (2)Plist 3)Xml (4)Core Data

85-Tell four frameworks used in iphone?

(1)Ui kit framework
(2)Map kit framework
(3)ADI kit framework
(4)Core data framework
(5)core foundation framework

86-Tell me about single inheritance in objective-c?

Objective c subclass can derived from a single parent class.It is called “single inheritance”.

87-Tell me about the MVC architecture?

M-model, V-view, C-controller

Main advantage of MVC architecture is to provide “reusability and security” by separating the layer by using MVC architecture.

Model: it is a class model is interact with database.

Controller: controller is used for by getting the data from model and controls the views.

Display the information in views. : View

88-What is the instance methods?

Instance methods are essentially code routines that perform tasks so instances of clases we create methods to get and set the instance variables and to display the current values of these variables.

Declaration of instance method :

– (void)click me: (id)sender;

Void is return type which does not giving any thing here.

Click me is method name.

Id is data type which returns any type of object.

89-What is the class method?

Class methods work at the class level and are common to all instance of a class these methods are specific to the class overall as opposed to working on different instance data encapsulated in each class instance.

@interface class name :ns object



+(class name *)new alloc:

-(int)total open

90-What is data encapsulation?

Data is contained within objects and is not accessible by any other than via methods defined on the class is called data encapsulation.