iOS 7.1.1 Update Touch ID Issues

Apple’s iOS 7.1.1 update was released to help correct issues with the iPhone 5S’ Touch ID fingerprint scanner, and reports claim that it has done just that, improving not only the sensor’s accuracy, but also its response time. However, the main problem with users who have experienced poor Touch ID results reportedly lies with their initial fingerprint scans, which, if not done correctly, can cause the scanner to lose accuracy over time. That being said, simply expecting the latest iOS update to fix all of the issues with the scanner probably won’t give you the results you expect.

Thankfully, the folks over at Mac Observer have put together a solid how-to article on fixing Touch ID inaccuracy. You can check out the gist below.

1.) Make sure your Home button any fingers you wish to enroll are clean and dry.

2.) Force quite all of your open apps and restart your iPhone by holding down the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time.

3.) After the restart, go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode and enter your passcode.

4.) Scroll down and delete any existing fingerprints saved on your 5S.

5.) Tap Add a Fingerprint.

6.) To get a proper reading, hold your iPhone as you would normally touch your home button.

7.) Repeat for any fingers you have previously scanned.

“Touch ID takes a 88×88 500ppi scan of your finger and temporarily sends that data to a secure cache located near the RAM, after the data is vectorized and forwarded to the secure enclave located on the top left of the A7 near the M7 processor it is immediately discarded after processing. The fingerprint scanner uses subdermal ridge flows (inner layer of skin) to prevent loss of accuracy if you were to have micro cuts or debris on your finger.

With iOS 7.1.1 Apple now takes multiple scans of each position you place finger at setup instead of a single one and uses algorithms to predict potential errors that could arise in the future. Touch ID was supposed to gradually improve accuracy with every scan but the problem was if you didn’t scan well on setup it would ruin your experience until you re-setup your finger. iOS 7.1.1 not only removes that problem and increases accuracy but also greatly reduces the calculations your iPhone 5S had to make while unlocking the device which means you should get a much faster unlock time.”