How to Create UITextField programmatically in IOS

UITextField is a type of view which can display a value just like the UILabel and also lets the user change it on the screen using the keyboard.

  • Programmatically create UITextField and add them to the current view
  • Set the border style
  • Overlay custom views such as currency symbol, search icon, etc inside the view
  • Vertical and Horizontal alignment of the Text
  • Associate various keyboard types with the input text view
  • Display Hint to the user when the text field is empty
  • Display clear button on the text field
  • Listen for events using the UITextField Delegate
  • Restrict data entry to only certain types such as numeric only
  • Restrict the number of maximun number of characters that are allowed in the text field

Interface file for the view controller – UITextFieldViewController.h

Implementation file for the view controller – UITextFieldViewController.m